Title : [writeups] CSAW 2015 - Web 200 - Lawn Care Simulator
Released : 2015-09-25 21:15:58 -0400
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Hi hello there again, now i'll try to explain my steps to solve this challenge.

Before that, i read this challenge's writeups from the other teams. And i think "Lawn Care Simulator" have a bugs. Because my way of solving this problem is not as complicated as has been done by other teams.

Take a look!

First, i got this link from the challenge

As is the case with other websites that have a login page, our challenge is to know the password. I go with some random username and password, and got "Not Authorized" message. Then i try with blank username and password, but got this warning "Please fill out this field" from input field it self.


This protection is just for client side. So i bypass this protection using curl

[@jamz!jAcer]: [~]: curl -d "username=&password="

worked. but, too many html, lets grep it

[@jamz!jAcer]: [~]: curl -d "username=&password=" | grep flag

It's so easy. Or it's so buggy :p

Flag : flag{gr0wth__h4ck!nG!1!1!}